Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore v1.6.2 Apk Mod + Data Android (Unlocked)


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Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore v1.6.2 Apk Mod + Data Android (Unlocked)

Game Name: Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Action
Release Updated: August 1, 2017
Language: English

Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore v1.6.2 Apk Mod + Data Android (Unlocked) – It is a very interesting activity to blast away the expanses of the cosmos. And if you add to this the opportunity to defeat the space enemy, you will get a game in the genre of military-commercial simulator called Galaxy on Fire 3 HD. Impressive three-dimensional graphics and unique gameplay are two more arguments in favor of making you rather sit at the helm of your spaceship. Ten hours in an amazing game world will fly like one hour. But you can also plunge your head into adventure in additions to the game. What’s remarkable – Galaxy on Fire 3 HD will go on almost any mobile device with Android OS.

Galaxy on Fire 3 With Manticore play we carry a huge universe in our pockets and step into the new adventure with the updated version of the best science fiction series. Taking a space ship, we are moving in the depths of immense space, trying to do our duties at the same time, while exhibiting our piloting skills. Be sure to have someone with your friends who will go out with them and always watch the battle as you battle the galaxy gangs. You can start playing immediately by downloading the game with the apk and data files containing the money.

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You are Keith Maxwell, a veteran of the cosmic war. You have to become a hero who can save the whole galaxy, which is threatened by the death of evil aliens and space pirates. Your ship will plow through the vast cosmic expanses – prepare to carry out missions of varying degrees of complexity. All the ships in the game are almost four dozen, and various weapons and equipment – and do not count. Well, is it time to become a space hero?

Galaxy on Fire 3 This game that I have shared is the adventure and space game in the game. Your goal in Galaxy on Fire 3 is to build your hand to save the world from evil monsters. You will try to control your character, Keith T. Maxwell. You will face 2 different tasks that will not only be limited to saving the world. Only you need to unlock achievements to complete these tasks. Galaxy on Fire 2 ™ HD has 100 different planets and 50 different and editable space ships. Also keep up with the story

The hero of the first episode of the game, Keith T. Maxwell, drifts in time and space after the failure of the hyperdrive of his spaceship. So passed 35 years and now he wakes up in the changed universe and realizes that an unknown enemy through temporary tunnels penetrates the Galaxy and attacks solar systems! And the fate of the entire galaxy is now in his hands! In your hands! You need to defeat the new enemy and restore the balance of power. And your old comrades from the past will help you in this. At your disposal are the newest generation of spacecraft with radically improved weapons and equipment. Command your own patrol to support in battle, and when it becomes very hot, take up your place for the gun yourself.

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Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore v1.6.2 Apk Mod + Data Android (Unlocked)

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