Ludo King v1.6 Hack Apk Mod Android


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Ludo King v1.6 Hack Apk Mod Android

Game Name: Ludo King
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Board
Release Updated: February 5, 2017
Language: English

Ludo King v1.6 Hack Apk Mod Android – * This Officer Ludo King ™ game is Ludo King ™ board game is played between friends, family and children. Remember your childhood!
Ludo King supports a cross platform game desktop, Android and iOS platform at the same time in the online multiplayer mode.
* Private mode multiplayer guide:
* Online mode guide:
Ludo game that marks the trail of its descent in India in the 6th century. Ludo game is taken from Pacchis. Ludo is also very similar to the Spanish board game Parchis.
Ludo game has remained popular throughout the ages, only a little different in the structure of its game. You have an all-new modern format, that is, this awesome game is now available to play as a video game application.
The game is played, or even played against 2 people for 4 players against people from around the world and you have the option to play against the computer, against your friends. The purpose of the game is very straightforward; Each player gets 4 tokens, to make a complete turn of these tokens board and then it should be done for the finish line.
Anyone who gets all four tokens to end is the first winner. However, every step can be made only on the basis of decision by a number six side die casting, and each token can move out of their home by only one six casting. In addition, the sporting factor of the game is the fact that if a mark of another player moves on the same class in the form of your mark, your token will be sent back home automatically and you have to do a six roll again Obviously by the need will be required.
Ludo King is a game that was played by kings and you and your family and friends can now enjoy it. While playing games may seem easy at first, the game is extremely enjoyable and challenging. You’ve been playing your fun for this one and the whole family for hours. Beat your opponents and try to compete for the highest score on the leaderboard.

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Ludo King v1.6 Hack Apk Mod Android

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